Chandrapur Urban Multistate Co-Operative Credit Society Ltd., Chandrapur

To make everyone financial stable Chandrapur Urban Multistate for started by Mr.Rohit Bommawar. We belive that if habbit of saving if built then it is very easy to overcome any financial problem which will be arising in future. At Chandrapur Urban, we constantly work for betterment society.

Chandrapur Urban has 17+ branches in Maharashtra and Telanga, fully computerised with more than 25000 happy customers. We offer advanced facility like Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Aadhar Banking, RTGS / NEFT / IMPS service for instant fund transfer, Micro ATM, DD, Core Banking etc. Though we know there is not much awareness about this facility in our customers, we take intiative to educate them about the advnaced technology so that in future they can confidently use it.

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